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Cashflow key to saving BlackBerry from near-death

A BlackBerry was once considered among the prized possessions of any serious business person. There were no alternatives. It led the way connecting us through arguably the first form of communication … more

Lenders are Starving Small Business

Lenders and Regulators are being ultra conservative and starving small business of funds. These are the words of Bruce Bilson, the Federal Minister for Small Business, in an interview last week with … more

Top 10 tips for Family Businesses

Hold a family retreat – what!   That’s right and if you’re serious about your family business you will seek out a third party to facilitate it for you. Family businesses make … more

Does Christmas Fear spoil your Cheer?

Leading up to Christmas many small business owners are thinking about having a break and spending at least a few days with their family and friends.  It should be a time for plenty of Christmas … more