Debtor Finance for Small Business

At AddCash, we’ve been providing small businesses with cash flow solutions for over ten years. The way we work is simple. Using an invoice factoring system also known as debtor finance, we provide a line of credit against your unpaid customer invoices. Then, instead of waiting for your customers to pay, AddCash advance you the majority of your invoices upfront, and the balance less costs, on the date your customer is due to pay.

That means you can get on with your business, starting that next project and generating more sales and profit. So, rather than you having to wait for your cash as most businesses do, you get your cash upfront, and AddCash does the waiting for you.

Invoice Finance and Big Business

AddCash’s invoice finance service is very familiar to Australian businesses. Whilst we tailor our services to the small business sector, debtor financing has a long history of use by business large and small. In fact, a number of Australian companies at the big end of town have utilised invoice or debtor finance for decades.

Debtor Finance and Your Business

Invoice factoring is offered by national finance companies and banks. However, their focus is on big business. We understand that smaller businesses are often overlooked, and provide a much-needed service to small business.

What’s more, we provide a debtor finance facility with the level of quality you would expect when working with a large sophisticated lender. It’s affordable to set up, easy to work with and puts you back in control of day-to-day cashflow.

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