Supermarket Introduces Preferential Payments to SMEs

Nov 9 2013 10:58 PM

A major Supermarket Group now offers preferential payment terms for SMEs. Known as ASAP, suppliers can monitor when their invoices are approved for payment in real time and request prepayment if required.

Why? The Supermarket acknowledges that SMEs are essential partners enabling the Group to offer its Customers a large choice of good quality products. That’s why they chose to reinforce the cashflow of their SME suppliers through the ‘As Soon As Possible’ program.

So who is it? Unfortunately it’s not Coles or Woolies or even in Australia. It’s the Auchan Group. Founded 1961 in France, now operating across 13 countries in Europe and Asia with more than 3,000 stores employing 287,000 people.

AddCash has been helping SMEs with their cashflow for 10 years. We share their excitement when they manage to get a foot in the door with major retailers. We also understand their frustration when business growth is restricted by lengthy payment terms.

To find out more about how our invoice finance solutions assist SMEs to grow and expand Australia wide, call or email our friendly staff.

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