Stability and efficiency of small business suppliers and contractors impacts the competitiveness of larger businesses operating in the supply chain

Managing cash flow is one of the greatest challenges for any business. Obtaining finance to assist with cash flow is difficult for small business operators who often rely on personal savings and credit cards.

A survey of small businesses
51% use personal
savings & 19% use credit cards
as their major source of business
funding. *

Buyers attempting to defer payment and suppliers trying to accelerate cash collections put each side of the buy/sell transaction in conflict with each other.

Irregularities in business cash flow cause:

  • Delays in sourcing materials
  • Disruptions to production
  • Strain the ability to maintain the desired standards of quality
  • Ultimately impact the reliability and timeliness of supply

Regular dependable cash flow for small business that frees up other existing finances

Access Advanced Payment allows buyers and suppliers to collaborate rather than shifting the burden from one side to the other. The risks associated with delays in the transferring cash along the supply chain are removed allowing for further enhancement and optimisation of the supply chain.

How does it work

Access Advanced Payment is a solution that enables small businesses who supply on credit or account to obtain payment promptly. This form of Supply Chain Finance is underpinned by the strength of Customers/Buyers who partner with Access Advanced Payment.

Once the buyer confirms receipt of goods or services, supplier payment information then integrates with the secure online portal. Suppliers can request up to 70% of their payment in advance. The balance less costs is received later when the buyer pays their outstanding account as per agreed trading terms.

All information is available online including invoices approved for payment and statements from any computer, tablet or mobile device. A simple fixed fee is charged on Customer/Buyer invoices chosen to be paid in advance (maximum charge depends on agreed buyer payment terms and is approximately 2% per month).

Benefits to Small Business Suppliers & Contractors

  • Quick and easy online registration, no finance application required
  • An ongoing finance service providing 70% of payments ahead of normal trading terms
  • Requests for advanced payment are optional creating flexibility to control and minimise cost
  • When advanced payment is not required there is no cost for the service
  • Greater peace of mind knowing funds are readily available when the need arises
  • Free up other existing finances

Suppliers can register at

Benefits to Customers/Buyers who partner with Access Advanced Payment

  • Ensure the highest efficiency and quality standards possible from suppliers and contractors
  • Strengthen existing relations allowing collaboration on other key supplier arrangements
  • Attract new talented suppliers and contractors
  • Assist suppliers to scale in line with your business growth
  • More effectively manage cash flow by extending agreed payment terms
  • Reduce administration caused by suppliers & contractors seeking early payment
  • Direct costs of Access Advanced Payment are incurred by suppliers rather than the buyer

Buyers call (08) 8342 2900 or email

* Completed in 2012 by the Department of Industy, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education.