Does Christmas Fear spoil your Cheer?

Dec 18 2013 4:12 PM

Leading up to Christmas many small business owners are thinking about having a break and spending at least a few days with their family and friends.  It should be a time for plenty of Christmas cheer and celebration.

However fears over cashflow often detract from these celebrations.  More so than spending time with the in-laws.

A great deal of anxiety occurs because while many businesses are shut down for a holiday, there is no break from paying your regular commitments.

Wages must be paid while staff enjoy their annual leave.  The landlord still expects their rent.  Banks will collect their interest.  Repayments still need to be made for motor vehicles and equipment.  The phone bill, electricity bill and other supplier bills still roll in.

At the same time Customer collections tend to slow because they too have wound down for the year and are spending time with family & friends enjoying a break.

Often cash doesn’t start flowing back into your business normally until February.  And then when there is light at the end of the tunnel you get slugged with the quarterly BAS from the ATO.

At AddCash our invoice finance and debtor finance facilities help smooth out the ups and downs in your cashflow.  You can access funds against Customer invoices owing to you and comfortably pay your bills when you need to.

If Christmas Fear is spoiling your Cheer why not contact us to find out how we can help you better enjoy the holiday season.

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