Supply chain constraints - who you gonna call?

Nov 4 2013 9:47 AM

Taiwanese mobile phone manufacturing giant HTC shut down at least one of its four main manufacturing facilities and recorded its first every quarterly loss per recent reports in the Financial Review.

Supply chain constraints were attributed to the shutdown verified by a reporter who witnessed loading docks shuttered and the lobby door locked at their former headquarters.

This comes after HTC reported that cashflow from operations dropped to negative $US 707 million at the end of June.

As a small business, if you discover your Supplier has locked the doors and it isn’t Melbourne Cup day, then it’s probably too late. And this kind of disruption can be fatal to a small business.

So what are some of the early warning signs that things are not as good as they should be? AddCash is an expert when it comes to business cash flow and we have identified 10 behaviours that Suppliers display before they lock the doors on you - Identify Suppliers with Poor Cashflow.

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