Debtor Financing

At AddCash Finance we can offer you a viable alternative to traditional banks with Debtor Finance. We’ll provide you with a fast business finance up to 70% of your unpaid Customer invoice value.

Once your Customers pay, we will then give you the remaining balance, less our fees. This is an easy straightforward solution to your business’s cash flow position and will help you move ahead and reach your business goals more easily.

No More Bank Loans

It is secured against your unpaid Customer invoices rather than your real estate. As your business expands you’ll also have a finance facility that will grow with it, enabling you to continue growing without being held back by the burdensome real estate requirements of many traditional bank loans.

Flexible Freedom

It is totally flexible, and in a constantly changing business environment that’s exactly what you need. It can work in conjunction with other long-term loans giving you the freedom you need to do business.

Free Up your Cash

Instead of borrowing a bank’s money and taking on more debt you’ll be able to utilise your current debtors to improve your cash flow situation. This type of debt liquidation will free up your cash so you can use it more effectively.

No More Waiting

With Debtor Finance you won’t have to wait 7, 30 or even 60 days for outstanding invoices to be paid anymore. It’s a fast and convenient way to maximise your cash flow and grow your business faster.

Operating Liquidity

In today’s business environment, waiting for working capital to be freed up can be fraught with danger. Not having the operating liquidity to properly fund the day to day activities of your business will affect its efficiency and even its longevity. Here at AddCash Finance we can help get your business back on track to steady growth with invoice financing. By releasing valuable working capital from your business’s invoices without waiting 7, 30 or even 60 days, we’ll help your business grow.

Getting Your Money Back to Work

If you’re looking for a straightforward and quicker way to get your money back to work, Debtor Finance could be ideal for you. At AddCash Finance we can help you with the right service to get you started. We will work closely with you to design a suitable package for your business’s needs so you can concentrate on maximising growth.