Equipment Finance & Instant Asset Write-off

Buy the equipment your business needs and claim a tax deduction for the full amount for each asset.

  1. ✅  Funding for 100% of the purchase cost, including fees
  2. ✅  Finance for new and second-hand assets
  3. ✅  Equipment finance from $50,000 and up

What is equipment finance?

Equipment finance allows you to obtain financing to purchase capital and business equipment such as machinery, trucks and vehicles. With AddCash, you can borrow 100% of the asset’s purchase price including any associated fees and government charges required to install or make the equipment ready to use.

Equipment finance is suitable for businesses that want to spread out repayments to ease cashflow and buy the tools necessary to increase productivity and grow the business.

$0 cash upfront with AddCash

Cash purchase
When buying new business assets, using cash for 100% of the purchase can have a big impact on your cashflow.

Equipment Finance
Most businesses apply for equipment finance which requires cash upfront to cover costs such as GST, dealer delivery, stamp duty, registration, insurance, installation and accessories.

$0 upfront
Another option is to attain equipment finance with AddCash – we cover all government and associated costs required to install or make the asset ready to use.


Why choose equipment finance with AddCash?

Finance to grow

  • Spreading repayments over time will ease your business’ cash flow
  • One fixed monthly payment with no hidden costs
  • No deposit required

Refunds and rebates

  • Receive instant tax write-off for the business equipment you purchase
  • You can claim GST and retain the benefit of any offset or credit

We’re here to help

  • Available for businesses with loans on deferred payment
  • Dedicated team to support you in growing your business
  • Experienced business funding specialists since 2003

About the instant asset write-off

Instant asset write-off means you can invest in upgrading equipment or purchasing vehicles right now to help grow your business.

The instant asset write-off is a once-off tax deduction that businesses can claim for the purchase of new or pre-owned business assets.

See the Government’s instant tax write-off eligibility

3 easy steps


Find the asset
Get a quote for the equipment, machinery, truck, vehicle or other asset you want to purchase*


Apply for finance
Call us on 1800 752 286
or apply online


You now have the asset you need to do the job, taking full advantage of the instant asset write-off stimulus while responsibly managing your business cash flow

*Speak to your accountant to determine whether the asset is eligible

How does it work?

With AddCash, the instant asset write-off you receive will offset the associated finance cost in the first year.

In this example, Glenn owns a transport company with an annual turnover of $2.8 million. He’s signed a new client and needs to purchase an additional truck which will cost $70,000 including fees and charges

Truck  $70,000
2021 instant asset write-off
(tax rate of 27.5%)
Finance cost for 12 months $18,917
Establishment fee (once off) $3,080
Ongoing charges $15,237
Account charges $600

Andrew Kelly from AddCash Finance providing an overview of equipment finance and the instant asset write-off.