How does BIG Business improve Cashflow?

In 2013 AddCash was invited to speak at the Adelaide Hilton in front of approximately 100 small business owners. Part of this presentation covered what BIG Business was doing to improve their Cashflow and how it could be applied in smaller businesses. This is still very relevant today.

Just by reading the business section of any newspaper on a regular basis you can gain insight into what BIG Business do to improve their cashflow. Many of these things are difficult to implement and should be carefully thought out rather than undertaken on a reactive basis at short notice.

These BIG Business tactics are your 10 Cash Levers, things to call upon to inject cash into your business.

1. Increase prices

2. Reduce payroll

3. Sell excess and slow moving inventory

4. Negotiate with suppliers

5. Merge with another business

6. Sell ‘non-core’ assets

7. Delay Capital Expenditure

8. Shut down loss making parts of your business

9. Refinance or raise new debt

10. Raise new money/equity

You should have at least 3 preferred options that can be readily deployed if something happens unexpectedly.

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