AddCash Finance works closely with accountants or directly with your clients (your choice) to find solutions that provide your clients with manageable, timely and practical outcomes.

It is this type of approach that has led debtor financing to be one of the most popular types of business finance in the UK. In Australia, debtor financing is a rising industry as more accountants recognise the many benefits and recommend it to their clients.

Most accountants don’t know debtor financing (or customer invoice financing) well and have a negative perception of the service due to a dubious past for the industry. We are a long way from the ‘lender of last resort’ days and now customer invoice finance is used to truly assist clients to achieve their financial goals.

Banks and large financial institutions can be very ‘numbers’ driven and treat your clients like a number as well. At AddCash Finance, you deal with real people and not algorithms. Taking the time to understand the client and what they need allows solutions to be customised so that they are the perfect fit for the business. It is vital to AddCash Finance that nothing is over-promised and that realistic goals are set, with a clear understanding of the objectives in place. This maintains the relationship with the client and with you, their accountant.

View some of AddCash Finance’s testimonials here to see how common issues businesses face can be solved using an AddCash Finance customer invoice financing facility.

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