How did AddCash Finance help clear a $1 million debt?

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Benefits of Customer Invoice Finance

Fuel Business Growth

Free up cash within your business to use however you like. Pay employees, buy more stock or use it to improve your business.

No Collateral Needed

With Customer Invoice Finance, there is no need to put your home up as collateral. Keep your assets to yourself while you fund your business.

Same Day Funds

Receive funds from your customers unpaid invoices the same day of your request. Eliminate the burden of financial stress.

What is Customer Invoice Finance?

At AddCash Finance we can offer you a viable alternative to traditional banks with Customer Invoice Finance. We’ll provide you with fast business finance up to 80% of your unpaid Customer invoice value. Once your Customers pay, we will then give you the remaining balance, less our fees. This is an easy straightforward solution to your business’s cashflow position and will help you move ahead and reach your business goals more easily.

Why AddCash Finance?

At AddCash Finance, we’ve been providing businesses with cashflow solutions for over 15 years. With services uniquely tailored to Small and Medium businesses, we pride ourselves on providing a customer invoice finance facility with the level of quality equal to a large sophisticated lender. In addition, it’s affordable to set up, easy to work with and puts you back in control of day-to-day cashflow.

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