Why AddCash

We care about delivering the highest professional customer invoice finance service available, so you can get on with running your business. We are so confident of our ability we Guarantee it.

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It’s the small things that separate AddCash Finance from the rest.

  • Secure mobile access when you’re on the go
  • Customer payment details listed on your online statement
  • Same day funding of your customer invoices and retentions
  • Simple systems without onerous monthly reporting requirements
  • Assistance available for MYOB, Xero and Quickbooks to get you started

Avoid being sucked in by cheap headline rates quoted by others

Other financiers quote cheap headline rates then bundle this with substantial set up costs, minimum monthly fees, long term contracts and hefty exit costs. You need to carefully read the fine print to understand the true cost to your business. Ask yourself what type of service are they really offering? If they need to lock you in from leaving and have a complicated cost structure, they are not up to the high AddCash Finance standard.

With AddCash Finance pay only for what you use

AddCash Finance has one simple weekly charge that covers everything. This is agreed up front before you start. There are no minimum ongoing charges. No exit fees. No lock-in contracts. You pay only for what you use. In any given week if your facility is undrawn your charges are nil.

The total cost of an AddCash Finance facility is substantially less than offering your customers a prompt payment discount. When your business has surplus cash you can further reduce your charges with the AddCash Finance offset account functionality.

You remain in Control of your business

We understand the sensitive nature of your customer relationships. To work successfully in partnership with a debtor financier, we recognise you need to be in control. That’s why we stand by our Performance Guarantee, we must perform because you can end the relationship at any time without incurring liquidated damages or break fees of any kind.

Line of Credit against your Unpaid Customers Invoices

If you provide a product or service to your customers who are other businesses and have to wait a week, month or even longer for payment, then our debtor finance instruments, such as invoice discounting are just what you need. Invoice discounting works like a line of credit against your unpaid customer invoices. You simply send copies of your invoices to us each week using our secure paperless online system to access funding. It’s that easy.

The more you sell, the more finance you can access

Unlike a bank overdraft, limits are not restricted to the value of equity in your home. With customer invoice finance solutions like invoice discounting the more you sell the more AddCash Finance will advance to your business. It is a very powerful financial tool because AddCash Finance replaces the money you outlay to generate each sale. You don’t need to wait for your customers to pay you, AddCash FInance does that for you. Replacing your money immediately means you can make more sales and ultimately more profit.