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“We were able to put on another five people”

“When we first got in contact with AddCash we had a very high growth period but we couldn’t get our hands on the cash for 60 days. AddCash let us have up to $100,000.

We were able to put on another five people. We couldn’t have had the growth without AddCash. And five people wouldn’t have jobs without ’em. They’re great. Very easy to deal with — they’d bend over backwards to help you.”

Dale Cowell, Dalarco Engineering, Redan VIC


“My company’s turnover has doubled”

“Last year we got a major contract. They take 45 days to pay so we had real cashflow problems. That’s when I found AddCash. They have really helped with cashflow. They’re really cooperative, they really help me, and I am really happy working with them. Since working with AddCash my company’s turnover has doubled.”

Simrat Thind, JMD Security, Tarneit VIC


“We really needed AddCash when the Brisbane floods hit. They’ve been excellent.”

“We do import/export, treatment and transport of fruit and veg. AddCash were recommended to us, so we contacted them, and we’ve been with them since 2010. We don’t need as much funding now as we used to, but we really needed them when the Brisbane floods hit.

We had a shed at Rocklea and a second shed at Northgate because we were just about to move. But then the floods went through at Rocklea. I guess it was lucky we had two sheds at the time, but it did mean we had to pay double rent. All the other customers lost a lot of money, they were low on funds, it all really affected our cashflow.

AddCash — they’ve been excellent. We just use their online system. It’s really easy. And if you go online in the morning and request funds, the money’s usually there in the afternoon.”

Scott Maiden, Complete Air Sea Logistics, Rocklea QLD


“AddCash allowed us to grow instantly without worrying about money”

“It was a period where we were expanding quite heavily. We needed a place that could do ‘factoring’ so we could improve our cashflow. My financial adviser found AddCash and said I should talk to them. What they offered really suited us.

It allowed us to grow instantly without worrying about money. We’d send them the invoices and the next day we’d have the money. It was perfect.

All the people at AddCash are really, really nice to talk to. Courteous, professional, on the ball straight away. When you call them, there’s no pushing buttons on the phone – you get a person first time, every time. Working with AddCash allows us to expand if we want, whenever we want. We’ve got that peace of mind.”

Andrew Elliott, Elliott Mining, Mackay QLD

“Being a small company, cashflow is king”

“Going to get finance as a brand new business was tough, so we funded our startup on our own. We do maintenance and construction of overhead powerlines so there was a lot of outlay — training staff, getting trucks and equipment.

Our business has been operating for about 12 months now. There’s a lot of 30-day-plus accounts and some of the bigger contractors aren’t great at paying on time. Being a small company, cashflow is king.

We started using AddCash when we started to get more staff.
We’d been doing a lot of work in Queensland and that contract finished and our crews started work in Victoria. Because it was a different state, we had some hoops to jump through. There were about 4-6 weeks where staff had to go through training and certification, so there were staff wages, travel costs and accommodation. It was all going out, nothing coming in — AddCash really helped us at that time. We now employ 15 people.

Working with AddCash has been really good for us. All their staff have been great — really prompt at getting back to us, and we can access the money within 24 hours. Paying our staff fortnightly, that cashflow is critical. AddCash has really helped us get over the line in our first 12 months. Helping us with cashflow, ensuring that we can pay our staff and accounts and suppliers. Without AddCash, we may not still be operating.”

Megan Ferguson, TM Energy, Beaudesert QLD


“We needed to finance our growth…”

“We were going through a phase of growth and trying to work out how to finance it. I saw a flyer for a company who helped businesses with finance, so I contacted them. Well, they only helped companies witha a turnover of over a million dollars or more – and that wasn’t us – but they gave us AddCash’s name. That was about six years ago and we still use them now. AddCash has been very good to us.

AddCash funded our invoices, 70% in advance and then the final balance. Their staff can answer all your queries straight away, on the phone. And they can now transfer funds on the same day which is great. It really helps our cashflow. We’ve nearly doubled our turnover since AddCash first came along.”

Ian Paterson, Wetsuit Coolers, Edwardstown SA


“Nothing’s a hassle. I’m really, really happy with them.”

“They’ve always been very helpful. Bend over backwards to help you. Very, very friendly, they’ve always got the answer. I’m really, really happy with them. We had a situation with someone else – these guys are 1000% better. They’re just so helpful, so polite, so nice. Nothing’s a hassle.

Their website is very easy to use and very easy to understand. You just give ’em a quick ring if something’s not happening for you, like your invoices aren’t downloading – nothings a problem to those guys. I’d recommend them to anyone.”

Lyn Minchell, TNL Bulk Haulage, Kingsthorpe QLD


“It is a simple solution that works!”

“We are a fast pace Labour Hire company with a weekly payroll, so cashflow really became easier once we partnered with AddCash. Their systems and Client care are wonderful, and they are always available for any last minute requests. It is a simple solution that works!”

Leah Athanasiadis, Lifelong Staffing Solutions, Derrimut VIC