Factoring Finance

A ‘Factor’ is a term used for a funding source or financial institution that agrees to purchase invoices from a business for the value of those invoices minus a discount fee.  Factoring Finance can provide up to 70% of the invoice value immediately, and the remaining balance, less finance costs, once the invoiced party has paid.

Effective and Flexible Finance

Factoring Finance is an effective and flexible form of finance because it gives businesses access to fast short term cash flow without having to provide real estate or similar assets as security.  There are few finance options available to small and medium sized businesses so this type of cash flow or invoice financing provides an important and valuable service.

How Factoring Can Help?

If you’re a small to medium sized business and you need a fast cash flow injection so you can take advantage of business opportunities when they arise, Finance Factoring can be a great resource.  If you’re in the type of business that often has to wait long periods for receivables to be converted to cash or you’re a promising start-up facing rapid expansion, Finance Factoring can help.

The Advantages

It is an affordable form of finance with many advantages that offset the fees.  Unlike with a bank, you won’t have to put up security such as real estate and other similar assets.  You’ll have access to a fast flexible source of funding that won’t tie you down for long periods.  You’ll be free to get on with running your business and once the invoices have been paid all business debt is automatically repaid.

How We Work

At AddCash when we provide your business with Finance Factoring our main concern is that your Customers are creditworthy and are able to pay your invoices on time.  Once all the criteria for the finance have been met, we will purchase your nominated invoices at full value.  Once approved we then make an overnight cash payment for 70% of that amount to your business bank account.  Upon receipt of payment from your Customers you receive the remaining balance less our charges.

If you’re looking for a straightforward and flexible financing option to free up your cash flow, give us a call.  We offer a range of debtor finance solutions including fast business finance.