Commercial Finance

If your small to medium sized business is going through a rapid expansion phase, or you want to add flexibility to you cash flow to help grow your business, finding the right Commercial Finance to suit you needs is important.  Most traditional lenders such as banks require excellent credit ratings and property security before approving loans for commercial finance purposes.  At AddCash Finance we can provide you with the fast and flexible finance you need to expand you operation.

Fast Finance

Our factoring finance or invoice finance facility is designed specifically for your business to gain access to funds quickly, improve cash flow and aid the growth of your commercial enterprise.  Banks reject a very high portion of commercial finance applications from small to medium sized businesses and usually require property as security.

Free-up Your Cash Flow

At AddCash we won’t tie you down to long term burdensome loans and we don’t require real estate as security.  Our debtor finance solutions allow you to free up your money by selling you receivables at full value.  We will provide you funding overnight up to 70% of the value of your invoices into your existing business bank account.  The remainder will then be passed on, less our costs, when the invoiced party normally pays.

Simply and Straightforward

The process is simple and straightforward and you stay in complete control of your business.  Our primary focus is not your credit rating for approval.  Our main focus is on the ability of your Customers to pay and that the invoices issued by you are current and not in dispute.  If your business often has to wait 7, 30 or even 60 days for receivables to remitted, factoring is a practical and flexible way to free up your capital when you need it most.

Keeping Pace with Demand

Doing business in a faced paced and competitive environment requires a fast and flexible cash flow source to help keep up with demand and grow.  Invoice financing has a range of benefits other funding facilities don’t have and will give you the freedom to fund expansion exactly when it’s needed.  Its short term funding with fast approval and no complications to your business.

What to Know More?

If you’d like to know more about finance factoring and how AddCash can help your business achieve its goals, give us a call today.  We’re committed to practical funding that will help your business grow when it needs to.