Fast Business Finance

In a fast paced business environment sometimes we need a Fast Business Finance solution to keep up.  If you’re a promising start-up or your business is going through a rapid expansion phase, you may not always have the cash flow you need to keep up with demand.

Not having the funds to grow your business exactly when you need to can be hazardous and severely affect your future viability.  Having a flexible source of debtor finance allows you to re-invest in your business, without being tied down for the long term.

Fast Approval

At AddCash Finance we offer Fast Business Finance solutions because we understand the commercial realities you face.  We don’t look at your situation and make decisions like a traditional bank and that allows us to act quickly when you need the funds.  Your business can be approved for an AddCash Facility within 24 hours of submitting an application and money in your account shortly thereafter.

Keeping Pace with Competition

Fast access to funding via Invoice Finance help will your business stay ahead of the competition.  You can use it in addition to your existing Mortgage Finance, Unsecured Business Loans, Unsecured Trade Finance and Business Overdraft Loans however, it does not require real estate as security and is approved much quicker so it won’t  tie you down.

Versatility and Flexibility

Invoice Finance is flexible, growing as your business grows.  You are also not locked into long term contracts so when circumstances change you change with them.  It gives your business the opportunity to liquidate your receivables inot cash.  Facilities are approved much faster, within 24 hours and are paid as a cash deposit in to your business bank account.

Helping You Expand

If your business is expanding and you need extra cash flow to cover your needs over the short term, give us a call at AddCash Finance.  We’ll help you work out the best solution for your situation, have it approved fast, so you can get on with your business.