Need Finance

Whether you’ve been in business for ages or have just opened the doors, if you need temporary assistance or a long term financial partner, our invoice financing services can help your business grow.

Every business has a financial reserve limit. Be it personal savings, a bank loan, or a combination of both, even the most successful businesses need help to step up to that next level.

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Utilising debtor finance solutions such as business factoring and invoice financing can help small businesses improve their cashflow.

We like to call it fast business finance. AddCash will pay you against your unpaid customer invoices. AddCash prepays you for work done. So, you’re ready for that next job, faster. Now, you don’t need to wait for payment. AddCash does it for you.

Faster access to cash brings your next sale closer and builds profit on profit which, ultimately, creates compounded business growth. In short, AddCash’s business factoring and invoice financing for small business helps your business achieve its goals quickly.

Call or e-mail our friendly AddCash team, and find out how your business can grow to the next level.